DACTrak - Efficient Accessibility Surveys

Inspections and Reporting in one quick and easy package.

Accessibility Survey in 3 easy steps.

  1. Facility inspection
  2. Automated processing
  3. Report delivery via the internet
DACTrak Mobile Survey Platform

A powerful and versatile solution for electronic inspections. DACTrak offers accessibility compliance inspection services using state-of-the-art integrated digital imaging tools, providing “real time” comprehensive documentation allowing businesses to manage high-risk exposure from mandated accessibility compliance laws. Tablet and PC

Pen Based Input

Use an intuitive pen based Tablet PC to input survey data with full handwriting recognition capabilities. You can use DAC equipment or your own Tablet PC.

Compliance Verification by State and Federal Accessibility Laws

This high-technology solution makes it possible to evaluate, document, monitor and implement compliance with both federal and state mandates – a capability of critical importance to owners and buyers of multi-state property portfolios.

Delivers Survey Reports Quickly

Client access to information is managed and readily available through a web browser. Field data from inspections is processed immediately, ready for quality assurance reviews.

DACTrak Reporting and Management

Web Based Reporting

DACTrak is a unique technology for delivering facility accessibility surveys to the client.

After a facility inspection is performed and the field data is uploaded to the DacTrak processing center, reports are ready for a quality assurance review and made available for delivery to the client as a printed report or in digital formats. Reports can be viewed online, and additionally printed or downloaded for offline viewing. Web Based Reporting

Projects Based Grouping

Facilities can be grouped into projects, allowing clients that have multiple facilities surveyed to group them by district or region, or any customized category.

Compliance Planning and Management

DACTrak compliance planning and management features allow clients to have access to facility survey reports 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This unique solution provides a way to document and manage accessibility barriers, allowing facility managers and ADA coordinators to satisfy the need for a barrier removal and action plan. Your barrier removal and action plan can be viewed and updated at any time using an internet browser.