DACTrak Compliance Management Screen Shots

DACTrak compliance management provides an efficient way to track your compliance efforts, like DACTrak reports, you can access DACTrak compliance management any time with a web browser and a connection to the internet.

DACTrak Record Manager
  • Manage deficiencies in groups of predefined categories
  • Set your own priority level
  • Set Progress: not started, in progress, or complete
  • Set a Resolution when complete: corrected, not corrected, or not applicable
  • Add comments as you make your transition to compliance
  • Set projected dates of completion
  • Set actual dates of completion
  • Set Actual cost to correct the deficiency
  • View multiple photos of the deficient item
Record Manager


DACTrak Global Progress and Dates Manager
  • Filter deficiencies by predefined categories
  • Select items that you want to set dates or progress on
  • Set Projected Dates of Completion for the selected items
  • Set Actual Dates of Completion for the selected items
  • Set Progress for selected items
Global Record Manager